Veranda Candle - Dastaan Collection

  • $48.00

The Urdu word داستان [‘dastaan’] translates to ‘a story’. Every home has a story, every candle tells a tale.

Our Veranda candle has notes of mango, asian pear, guava, and sugarcane.


If the walls of your home could speak, what would they say?

Would they describe the laughter that echoes in each room like a delicate lovesong? Tell tales of countless cardamom laced chais enjoyed in the drawing room with generations of family and chosen family? How would they chronicle the joys and sorrows that transpired in their bounds? Would the walls name the sticky little fingers that ran across their surface? And mimic the sound of pitter patter up and down the stairs? Would they say they enjoyed being adorned with the photographs you cherish most? Mention the jasmine in the clay pot blooming in the courtyard, the scent of which enchants them at dusk? Would they recount the trees that have borne fruit in the garden? Mangoes sliced on the veranda, the scent of sweet sap resting loosely in the air.

Made in the USA, handpoured with ♥ in small batches

3.25”Wx3.5H” | 100% Natural Coconut Soy Wax | Black Wooden Lid | All natural cotton wick | Phthalate Free & Vegan

-These candles are poured, prepared, and packaged entirely by hand. As a result, each candle may vary slightly.